2011 Bob Culbertson
Lead Patterns

For this lesson I will use the pattern in the "Diatonic Scale" lesson.  If you are not familiar with it go to that lesson first and memorize how the pattern works.

Now we are going to work on repeating patterns using the diatonic scale.  These exercises are excellent for developing phrasing, speed and timing.  The first exercise is one I use a lot, especially when I am developing my timing between the two hands.

You will notice a blue bracket below each group of notes.  This bracket denotes 1 section of the pattern.  Each pattern is made up of these sections.  The first pattern is a repetition of 4 notes ascending in the major scale starting on one note higher for each group.

Each exercise shows you the first few groups in the scale.  It is up to you to complete the entire scale.  The pattern should become obvious after you play a few groups.
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