2011 Bob Culbertson
Hand Independence

This lesson deals with right and left hand independence. The first step is what I call counting.  For example; when you learn a new bass line, the first thing you want to do once you feel comfortable with the line is to count with your other hand.  First just slap your other hand on a table or your knee in 1/4 notes to get the feel.  I found this a great exercise because you are using larger muscles (this makes the independence easier).  Next step is to tap 1/4 notes on the Stick.  I chose the note D over the bass as a starting point.  Fig 1 shows a sample bass line and what the melody hand is doing.
Now we concentrate on doing more rhythmic things in the melody hand.  Here is a set of six breakdowns of the 1/4 & 1/8 note combinations to play.  Just follow the figures below.
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For more detail; the first exercise shows the right hand playing the 12th fret on the first beat then play the 10th fret on the next note.  The rhythm is two 1/8 notes then three 1/4 notes.  The object of this lesson is to play the two 1/8th notes on "one" over and over until you get the groove.  Next move to the next exercise where the 1/8th notes are on the the second beat and so on. For more challenge place the two 1/8th notes on the up beat.  EX:
Remember all of these exercises can be done by tapping your melody hand on your knee.

One more advanced technique is to reverse all of the reflexes and play the 1/8th notes in the left or bass hand while using a right hand motor movement.