2011 Bob Culbertson
Delayed Pulls + Picked Notes with One Hand

This study will add a lot of expression to your playing.  First I will begin with the picked note.  First place your right, or melody hand fingers on the 3rd string in the following position.  (1st finger on the 12th fret, 2nd finger on the 13th fret and the 4th finger on the 15th fret.  Next; while holding all 3 fingers down, pull off the 4th finger to the side to pluck the note on the 13th fret.  Next, pull off the note on the 13th fret to pluck the 12th fret note.  (This action will create 2 notes with 3 fingers. (sound like a lot of work for 2 notes?....IT IS) but the whole idea is the expression you get.
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The trick is to do the pull-offs WITHOUT sounding the highest note.
Next step is to play the 3 notes in an ascending pattern and hold the highest note for about 2 seconds then do the pull offs on the 2 lower notes.  This action creates a delayed pull-off to accentuate the plucked sound
Below is a sample lead phrase using the delayed pull and the pluck 1st note.
Notice the P before the first note.  That note is plucked (or pulled-off) by the one of the other fingers above the 12th fret, preferably the pinky placed on the 15th fret.