2012 Bob Culbertson
Reverse Independence

Now we will work on "thinking in the bass hand".  Most players will learn a motor movement with their left hand while improvising with the right.  In this lesson we will learn to reverse this process by doing our "playing" in the left hand.
First play the Am bass scale used in the "Warm Up & Alphabet" lesson.  Now add the right hand by playing the Am chord in steady 1/2 notes and play the bass Am scale in 1/4 notes.
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Next play the Am chord in steady 1/4 notes in the melody, and in the left hand play one measure of 1/4 notes and 2 eighth notes in FIG 2. There are 6 exercises. The diagram only shows the bass hand. Notice the eigth notes move over 1 beat with each exercise. Loop each exercise before going on to the next one. Remember play the steady A minor chord in 1/4 notes with the melody hand.
The next step is to play the steady Am chord 1/4 notes and improvise with the Am left hand scale.
Now finally here is a good challenge. Play the last 4 chords, and improvise with the bass scale.